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4th of July with Hallie

Last week was the best week for me, not because it’s the 4th of July and my anniversary week but it’s the week where friends and family gather together. We enjoyed  delicious grilled chicken and rice by the lake, under a shade tree, the weather though it was hot we did have some wind blowing, so it’s not as bad as I thought it would be and there’s a lake we could swim in if we needed to cool off. I still can’t believe my dear Hallie make it in time to join us. It’s so delightful to see this girl. it’s been such a long time since she moved to Lawton. I definitely missed working with her, not the working part though, I missed the hanging out part. After a long day of work we would go to an Asian restaurant for some pho and bouble tea…. it was some fun time. 
I’m so glad we made it to hey boba together for our special drink while she was here We even got to do a small photoshoot together. Hallie looked amazing as always. I’m so greatful for this friend of mine. She is kind and loving, I can always get a good laugh with her!

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