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Beth’s Branding Photoshoot

Couple weeks ago I had a fun trip to Stillwater, visiting a few people I love ,eating ice cream at blue spruce and trying matcha peach ice tea at simplicity and co. my day was filled with treats and ended with a very fun branding session with a sweet friend of mine Beth! We had planned this session around the golden hour and it turn out so great. Beth cooperated so well not only that she trusted me to take her pictures and posing her but she also looked amazing and well prepared for her session. She brought a few props that really show her uniqueness through the photograph. Even how she work behind the scenes, it shows just how much effort she puts into the game and entertaining her audience. I must say when I found out that Beth starting bearded rat mysteries my first thought is; wow! that is so Beth, it’s suit her perfect. I love everything about this session, Beth outfit choices, the clean background at downtown and the perfect comfortable spot at simplicity and co. It was such a good timing too, the sun started to go down as soon as we done with indoor … and of course I add in a roll of film for this beautiful session. I can’t feel complete without using my film camera !!!

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