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Baby Kysen

To be honest I just love baby, there is something about that little body, chubby cheek and tiny little hands and feets just blessed my soul. Baby are such a blessing from God and for me to get the chance to photograph a 5 days old baby Kysen is such an incredible experience !

20x10 copyDSC_1900 copyDSC_1963 copyDSC_1959 copybw 6 copyDSC_1884 bw rDSC_1887 bwDSC_1895 bwDSC_1892 bwDSC_1889 bw12x12 bw r5x7kysen birth announcement copy


Hi, I'm pat !!!! I am passoinate about love stories and special moments, my desire is to capture genuine emotion on your special day with fine art approach.I love that you are here and i am absolutely thrilled you stopped by.

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