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Jenny’s Bridal Shower

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on my blog but there has been quite a few changes in my life. We have been adjusting to a life in a new city because my husband got a new job, and we also have a brand new addition to our family, our beautiful baby boy boaz. It has been a delightful transition. Im also very excited to announce that my sister is getting married Yay !!!! She had a beautiful bridal shower last weekend that was organized by her maid of honor Melissa. I was very inspired by the creative idea of this garden party theme. It was a beautiful day and i’m so glad to be able to capture this event !!!! cheers to the bride and groom , Isaac and Jenny!!!!
bridal shower-1-126
bridal shower-1-13
bridal shower-1-46
bridal shower-1-24
bridal shower-1-61
bridal shower-1-44
bridal shower-1-43
bridal shower-1-38
bridal shower-1-40
bridal shower-1-2
bridal shower-1-7
bridal shower-1-8
bridal shower-1-26
bridal shower-1-121
bridal shower-1-6
bridal shower-1-47
bridal shower-1-35
bridal shower-1-118
bridal shower-1-89
bridal shower-1-90
bridal shower-1-92.jpg
bridal shower-1-48
bridal shower-1-53
bridal shower-1-62
bridal shower-1-75
bridal shower-1-67
bridal shower-1-49
bridal shower-1-18
bridal shower-1-96
bridal shower-1-112
bridal shower-1-113
bridal shower-1-111


Hi, I'm pat !!!! I am passoinate about love stories and special moments, my desire is to capture genuine emotion on your special day with fine art approach.I love that you are here and i am absolutely thrilled you stopped by.

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